Changing My Constant

changing my constant by schnicka
I am not a fan of change. I thought I was. Turns out I’m not. I am impulsive and often very spontaneous, but only if it is within the outer limits of my comfort zone, or, if I’m on one of my mad-crazy highs. It has taken me almost 45 years (and a pseudo-mid-life-crisis) to realise this.

Throughout life I have moved around a fair bit, like a slow-moving gypsy. The learning curve I now face is how to embrace change when I am already happy where I am. I have settled into where I am like memory foam; I have a sophisticated network of cafes where I can go to for good coffee and never get bored – and other comforts of first world order well established. Relocation is far from my mind.

However, after a year of commuting between the Gold Coast in Queensland and Byron Bay in New South Wales 2-3 times a month, a rural property has presented itself with an offer I cannot refuse (without having to wake up next to a cow head in my bed). It seems I have been slowly moving south of the border and just haven’t realised it.

This is a chance to go from near the beach to, close to the beach; quiet leafy suburbia to rural; from east coast to, really east coast (Byron is the eastern most point of Australia). I will leave one thriving writing community for another – keeping the network of writers in contact as I do.

The small veggie patch I have now will be traded in for a bigger one, with a chance to have chickens and live side-by-side with cows (so I’m told).

Moving away from my parents will be hard, however, I am really looking forward to being closer to my cousin. Actually not so much my cousin, but his wife. She is an amazing organic gardener and cook. Perhaps if I live closer to her, some of her domestic goddess ways will rub off on me!

The unknown will be the lifestyle and people. As my father says (at the ripe old age of 91)

“it’s hard making friends at my age”

Byron Bay is known as the home of hippies, greenies, back-packers and organic artisans.  I wonder where I shall find my place in among them all… Will I become a dreadlocked, barefooted, rainbow dressed, bra-less, hairy vegan? Or is it just a cliché I’ll get past on my way to a new life adventure?

As long as I have a decent Internet connection, I’ll be fine.

“The only constant in life is change”
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