Less Stuff More Life

less stuff more life by schnicka
The Virgo in me loves to spring clean and declutter. I try to apply the 6 month rule wherever possible. It’s like the reverse of the 30 second food-on-the-floor rule; if it hasn’t been used in the last 6 months – it’s out!
Moving house is always a good time to clean out the cupboards, if only to save on packing. This time I am subscribing to the Alison Moyet approach (remember that amazing singer from the 80′s?). Recently she moved house:
‘I dumped everything. Even my gold discs. I smashed the lot. I took a hammer to them. And I’m not beinglairy, but there were hundreds. It was brilliant. All my stageclothes – gone. I love it. And I burned all my diaries. I really don’t want to own things. It just drags you down.’

Apparently she didn’t stop there, she went all the way and filled skip bins. This is pretty hard core, however on a follow up interview with Graham Norton she talked about how liberating it was, and she has no regrets. She tossed out everything but the kids.

It begs the question – how much stuff do we really need?

You don’t have to be a ‘hoarder’ to realise that we could all shed some stuff.

How many beach towels do we need or use?
There are 7 days in the week – so how many pairs of knickers and bras are necessary?

Are a lot of t-shirts a ‘collection’ or just excess?
(keeping in mind that shoes and books don’t enter the equation)

Is more than 2 sets of cutlery required?

Do we have to keep every single painting, award, ribbon, medal, certificate, school report and wonky piece of craft that our children bring home?

Why do I have eleventy-eight cake tins and ramekin bowls?

So out it all goes.

The little old ladies at the op shop started out grateful as I brought car loads of useful items in good condition to them. Now they look at me funny and don’t say much; I think they are worried that I may start leaving pets and cars with them.

This period in time shall forever be known in our family as ‘The Great Purge of 2013′. I feel fantastic about it! I am replacing things with life experiences and it really feels good.

[If possible I would also like to shed the unnecessary kgs like Alison Moyet too - if you remember her from the 80's you cannot help but notice her fabulous weight loss.]

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